Friday, August 26, 2005

License to ...

Yuhoooo !!!!!!!

I cleared my Driving License test. First attempt. Not bad.

But there's one more week wait to get the actual license. No problem ! After that, it's me and my car and Bangalore city (for now). All the congested roads (Majestic), open freeways (Outer Ring Rd), crawling-traffic roads (Hosur Rd) and loop of one ways (Richmod-Residency-MG-etc), and the countryside (Mysore Rd, Magadi Rd, etc) - Be Alert ... here I come !!!!

I hope to make good use of all that I learnt from my hubby & the driving instructor.

The test as such, was ok. It involved driving from the Jayanager RTO office to the Service road near Nandini. Via all the 4th block afternoon rush traffic ! Here, I had to get off for the next applicant's test. I was left wondering if I had made it ? Or did I flunk ? (Though I knew I am not so bad). Before the actual test, there is some patience needed in the RTO office. 2 different queues, but smooth and quick moving. That's because of an early, very early morning start. The best part was, the view of Jayanager BDA complex market from the 7th floor office. Vendors setting up their wares. Strong coffee smell wafting up even up there.

Hmm, I guess, now my real test will be to come shopping here. All by myself. Cool!


Rajeev Nikkumbh said...

Great, I actually felt, as if I am there and watching all this too. I am missing you and Bangalore like hell and so i have decided not to take up this Chennai task at all. One feels the value of a place when he/she is not there.


khelnayak said...

Hey congrats! So when r u taking us all around bangy in your car. :p

AfricaBleu said...

Oh, hooray - congrats! You are so brave, learning to drive in a busy city.

Upwards and onwards, eh?

Roba said...

Ooh great :) good luck! It'll be the best thing you'll do in your life.

Prithi Shetty said...

Rajeev, what can I say ? ... I will say so on phone.

Amarnath, first I will go around Blr and come back safe :)

Becky, Thanks. Its more bravado than bravery :D

Roba, Thanks. Yes, this is the most adventure I can hope for. But I do hope more 'best' things are on my way :)

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