Thursday, July 26, 2012

Along the way ...


A5 backseat commentary for my solo driving in US this year:
* Day 1: Excited with full clapping - "Well done Mom ! You did it !"
* Day 6: Smart aleck with full firang twang, "You sure know to drive Mama !"
* Day 21: Full exasperated, "Its taking too much time today ...."

Seriously they should come up with Dora/Diego/Mickey etc with songs saying "Eat your food ... eat your food...". Kids respond to everything on these shows. Atleast they will start eating too !!!!!

I spend days looking for those tiny little shoes. And then they get lost in minutes. Hufp !


Filmy Biwi ka side Effect

Eureka - S4:E14
This sequence excited me so much I had to make this collage.
And that episode, where all stuff start flying upwards. That was in lieu of the title sequence, we have been watching for so many seasons already.

Minnesota icebox - (in a sing-song Advertisement voice)
Cold khana garam karna ho ? - 30 sec in microwave.
Hot khana thanda karna ho ? - 30 sec in balcony.

Warmup Cold food ? - 30 sec in microwave.
Cooldown Hot food ? - 30 sec in balcony.

First Snow of the Season !
Yeah ! Finally its here !
Regret not taking the before photo.
But it just went from 0 to 1 and then 2 in 1 hour !

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Various Roopa's of Dr Rajkumar

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Whether Mythology, Historic, Bond, Romantic Hero or Brother or more, there is only one - Dr Rajkumar !

And ah that lovely voice. Best thing to spark up a Saturday morning is Rajkumar playlist.

Every word sounds more beautiful when he utters it. 
And anytime he says "Amma", it's goose-bump inducing. 

Every time his song plays, while I am driving, I am instantly transported to Bangalore. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Letter to my Art Class Instructors


Hi Brad & Stephanie,

I was very excited to join this class, as it was to be my very first classroom learning for painting. And the 6 weeks have truly been an amazing learning experience for me.

I have always liked the visual aspect of art, feelings that it generates in us when we see a painting or a sculpture. But here I learnt that our feelings can also flow down to paper. Thanks for bringing all these paintings, out of us.

All of Brad’s instructions - to use the complete canvas, be bold, take risks, try left-hand, mixing colors, technical details of brush lengths, usages & strokes and fresh new thinking for inspiration - really made such a difference, in the outcome of each of the pieces.

Packets for each class were great capsules, exposing us to a whole new world of each style. I can only imagine how carefully they had been collected for us.

Course outline and instructions helped us work within limitations as well as free our minds and explore new things.

I always imagined that every object in a picture should be separated by black outlines only, very similar to illustrations. Here I learnt that any color can bring out the distinctness I was looking for. And out of some habit, I always left out thin strips of blanks around the canvas, much like a border on a frame. I never imagined that a painting can spread out of the canvas too !

My next steps will be to instill some discipline in myself, and bring out clarity, smoothness and sharpness, in the details of my subjects. Something to do in my own time and with focus.

So far my favorites have been landscapes and photo-realistic portraits. But now I am all gung-ho to try the art of this age – pop-art, mixed media (collages of print and color) and abstracts in general. I discovered James Rosenquist yesterday and am excited to explore his works.

I am look forward to more such initiatives. Either focusing on specific genres like landscapes, abstracts or portraits. Or maybe an Art club for more folks to get together & paint.

And thank you Steph for organizing these things. It just makes me so proud of our home, which CEDARS is, for me and family. J


Saturday, March 17, 2012

March Madness

Some of the paintings I made in this March Art Class.

Window behind the TV - Charcoal

Photorealism -  Tigers - Acrylic

Tree Frog - Acrylics

Portrait - Acrylics


Walnut - Study of hand - Charcoal

Still life - Bowl of Fruits - Acrylics

Still Life - Tiger Lillies - Acrylic

Abstract - Acrylic

At the Art show to celebrate the completion.

What do you think ?