Wednesday, August 10, 2005

We need more Plastic Surgeons

We need more Plastic Surgeons. Yes. For cleft-lip operations and for other birth-related deformities. For gnarled fingers and limbs of burn or leprosy victims, disfigurement due to accidents. There are so many patients who need these specialized doctors.

I know lot of doctors who hold regular camps for cleft-lip operations in rural areas. Then there is the legendary Dr Modi, who performed maximum number of eye transplants (5,95,019 eye operations and examined 10,094,632 patients since 1943 till the 80's).

Its one thing to look ultra beautiful, conforming to the nitty-gritty standards set by few people. And it’s another thing to be whole, hale and healthy; to not be stared at, so as to concentrate on other things in life.

I hope the current batch of medical students show interest in this area as well. I know this branch of medicine is as lucrative as any another. And it makes a difference in many lives.

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