Friday, October 31, 2008

Likhe jo khat tujhe ...

Welcome to Sajjanpur

Welcome to Sajjanpur was a good laugh. After a long time, I can say some film was witty & humourous. Shreya Talpade joins my list of favorite actors. Dialoges, dialog delivery by Shreyas, Ila Arun, Ravi Jhankal (Munni) and the lot brought a smile each time. Music-wise, the one that stands out and was very enjoyable was "Munni ki baari".

After watching Rock-On and Welcome to Sajjanpur on the same day, I was wondering - which India do I belong to ? Both seemed very surreal, I don't belong to either. I guess it makes sense, that I belong to the "middle class" :))

Anyway this movie was a good chance for my MIL to share those old gone days. When she was a young school going kid and illiterate village wives came to her, to dictate letters for their immigrant husbands, working in the city. Here are some of the gems they sprinkled their letters with:

Likhti hoon khat, khoon se ,
Siya-i na samaj-na |
Marti hoon teri yaad mein,
Zinda na samjna |

Likhti hoon khoon se ,
Siya-i na samaj-na |
Marti hoon nurai se,
Burai na samaj-na |

Chal chal re chiti, kabutar ki chal,
Yadi hogi mohobbat, toh denge jawab |

Most of the mundane letters did end with
Thoda likha jyada samjna...

And with instructions to the letter writer that
Aisa chiti likhna ki jaldi pahuche

Quite a revelation for me. That Creativity and literary expression of love, is obviously not limited to city folks or English language or these modern times alone :)

I don't remember when was the last time I wrote a letter. Personal communication now-a-days, is only a crisp to-the-point email or a curt to-the-point phone call. I think I have forgotten to write a letter. And that I lift a pen only to write a grocery list for shopping. Hmm ...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Diwali !!

Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali & Properous New Year !

Best Wishes to our family & friends !

Especially to those in
Tavarekere, Udupi, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Tokyo, Bhilai, Moonchapra  and Bangalore !

PS: My MIL has made some of the Bestest Diwali Sweets ever.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Moon Connection

Chandrayaan - literally means Moon vehicle. This one will just hover around now and send us data. And for manned missions, we will have to wait till 2015. I am amazed they implemented it so soon. I remember hearing about this plan only recently. Oh wait it was 2003 !

On the face of it, what do we have in it ? Is it a Rs 400 crore waste ? Which could have been given to "feed the poor" so to say ? Simplistically, theorotically, yes. But in this practical world, obviously not. That's where vision vs mission comes in. That is where Aspirations come in. I mean, if every poor aspired only to feed his stomach, some of the poor kids would not have made it to IIT's and all. We all eat, but we need more to live a life.

I have my share of Moon connections.
  • Well the first (in case you missed out), my Blog name is Dew Moon Drop { Check my blog again when there is news on Dewdrops :)) }
  • Then, my native village is Udupi, which means the land of the "lord of the stars," who is the Moon !
  • And my Hubby's native village is Moonchapra !
  • Wednesday, October 22, 2008

    Baby Product Brand Endorsements

  • Wipro Baby Diapers: I have to say that they are the best !
  • Second option would be Huggies. And last choice will be Pampers. Wipro Baby Diapers are really cloth feel. They don't get wet & humid & stuffy, like others do.
  • Huggies Nappy Pads: Good for nap-time use for babies below 7-8 months. Or those who have not started to violently wither or turn around or move around the bed while sleeping. :) Johnsons Nappy Pads are not of that good quality. Price is same, but these are smaller.
  • Nestum Rice: Since Baby A was not taking cow milk very well, we started with Nestum instead of Cerelac. It does not have any milk powder in it.
  • Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder
  • Eyetex Kajal

    Apart from these, no other brand endorsements. But there is a whole list of Baby products that are useful. Maybe next time.
  • Tuesday, October 7, 2008


    Am loving those Rock On !! songs.

    Not a hard core fan of rock, nor am knowledgable in any technicalities of music. I did have a Metallica phase in life. But for me ignorance is bliss, and I simbly enjoy the sounds of music.

    In that context, Rock-on songs are simply growing on me, each time I hear them on the radio. It's great to sing along and feel as free as a teen singing hoarse, without tune, without a worry of how it sounds. There is always some beauty in listening to an unpolished voice. Otherwise SaReGaMa & VOI wouldn't be such a hit.

    My all time favorite instrument in Rock are Drums. I have never played the real ones, just stuck to tapping on the metallic tables in my classroom. I like the beat. That makes the song catchy.

    All the usual suspects of rock are here. Drums, guitar strumming, screeching, chorus. Ah maybe all this is purist and no corruption. That's why it sounds all well. Lyrics, for someone so in love with words, I dont care a damn about any song lyrics. But amazingly this one had Hindi/Urdu lyrics. No English or Hinglish or Rap. And it made some sense too !

    Check out the drums in "Socha Hai". And the good old style video of "Pichale Saat Dinon Mein".


    About the movie:

  • Luvred Farhan's singing

  • But his wife & his new life was too Hollywoodish. But chalega.

  • Film ka music acha, bahut acha, toh sab acha.

  • Good to see Luke Kenny in a Hindi movie. I mean the MTV guy was never seen around. And such good Hindi diction (hope its not dubbing).

  • Debbie, come on, who wouldn't be grumpy bearing those responsibilities for so many years ? Thankfully no one was the spacegoat and no blame game.

  • And how did the director convince these guys to chop off their hair ? Luke Kenny, I always pictured him with those silky tresses. Farhan, thanks to his TV appeareances always had those curls. And they went ahead & chopped them off ? Too much.

  • That way this movie could be a study, for it's screenplay and production management.

  • Movie ended well. That's what matters.

  • Btw, after watching this movie, I Heart Arjun Rampal.