Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Grand Canyon

This has been such a long break - in my travel series. Have almost lost the thread. But putting back the memories of my travel time, nearly 6 months back ... we proceeded from Las Vegas, via Hoover Dam, to the Grand Canyon.

We were short of time and needed a quick tour only. So we went, just in time to watch the sunset, the night stay and watch the sun-rise again.

Inspite of all preparation, what we did not prepare for was the chilly, windy Yavapai Point on the South Rim. We were chilly to our chattering teeth, watching the damn Sun to set asap. In hindsight, ofcourse that was the fun part :)

But there are a lot of things to do in GC. Trekking, camping. Different lodges with well-prepared shopping mart with everything available. You dont feel like you are in the middle of a really grand forest.

Morning, we drove along the East Rim, stopping at every point for a view of the GC from different angles.

On the East Rim, we covered Yaki Point, Shoshone Point , Grandview Point, Moran Point and Zuni Point. And Mohave Point on the West Rim.

After watching this, now I know what 'Grand' means !

By afternoon, we started our drive back to LA. This time we took a route, that skipped Las Vegas. the desert, sand strom, that is something best experienced. 100s of miles of desert. No habitat.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Charlie voiceover: Zindagi mein do raaste hote han – ek fhortcut, doosra chota fhortcut
Charlie: Mein fha ko fha bolta hoon.
Bhope bhau: Fha ko fha nahin bolega to kya bolega.

Dailogues were a gem. Especially the way each of those characters said it.
Characters – each of them a sample.
Story progresses subtly but definitely. So the characters were not an overload.
Songs, ekdum jakaas. I love them more, after watching the movie.
I always liked Shahid, but after JWM and Kaminey, I can say I am a fan.
And I am still so amazed at Vishal Bharadwaj’s track record. How can the guy write, compose, direct and much more, excel in each area and in every of his movies ? Even after so many years, I was blinded by the brilliance of Omkara. And now Kaminey. Too good.

I loved the movie.