Friday, August 5, 2005

For Men too !

Today, I saw a billboard ad of Emami fairness cream - Fair And Handsome, for Men! Too much I say.

I mean, I know men always used these products. Men used talcum powders, Lux soap, moisturizer, etc; but no ad ever showed that. This is the first time a fairness cream has actually advertised their target group. Men - "specially made for tough skin".

I mean we have borne with ads where they show, how fortunes of dusky ladies get changed overnight (or 14 days), along with the color of their skin. What are they going to say in the men's cream ad? As far as I know, in our society, men's skin shade never really mattered. Maybe there is something I don't know.

The 2000 decade is going to be marked by the fact that anything that makes money is fine. Anyway, money always bought respect, from time immemorial.


Thomas said...

Advertisers have spent a fortune convincing women that they are ugly and smelly, and that they need expensive cosmetics and deoderants to be acceptable.

Most people have poor self-esteem anyways, so it worked. Now they're targeting men, and it will probably work again; probably better.

AfricaBleu said...

I've noticed that there a lot of new anti-wrinkle creams for men now - what the heck? For years, we have heard that wrinkles make a man look "distinguished;" now, though, they are in the same boat as we females.

Good. Let them suffer the anguish we suffer, having to forever look thirteen.

SonSon said...

It's absurd what they try and sell to people. I understand that for a small population, some things are beneficial but then they try to sell them to the mass public, trying to convince them that it is something everyone needs. Crazy

Prithi Shetty said...

Its one thing to look good. Little bit of cosmetic, jewellery is ok. But changing your body - I think that is taking it a bit too far. I guess there is a thing line here, and it is set at different points for different people.
I am mostly worried about these harsh chemicals scarring somebody. No matter what the manufacturers say, I doubt how safe they are.

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