Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Aamir & Toby

Found Mangal Pandey blog - by Aamir Khan. Ofcourse its one of the publicity material. But never mind. Though the songs are not so good, looking forward to Mangal Pandey - the Rising for two reasons.

Firstly, because its Aamir's next movie, after a long time. And I love Aamir.
Secondly for Toby Stephens. I like him a lot, since Die Another Day. Was very sauve in that movie.

Trailers were ok. Liked that one shot - of Aamir rising from behind the steps. Slow, steady, Awesome !

Changed my mind about the songs. 3 of them are good, in this order.
  • Dekho aayi holi
  • Mangal mangal
  • Main Vari Vari
    Not impressive at first hearing; but catches on after repetation. Energetic.
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    AfricaBleu said...

    Ooh, goodie! I love Aamir too - Lagaan is still one of my faves. Now I'm off to read his blog...

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