Tuesday, February 28, 2006


While Montreal & Quebec were all snow covered, the very same day Kingston was completey snow-free, sunny and beautiful. The sunny bit can very deceptive. Temperature would still be in the negative range.

Kingston was erstwhile capital of Canada. In 1844, only after 3 years, capital was moved to Ottawa. Reason being Kingston's proximity to another country.

This is the Kingston Townhall, which was Parliament House in those prime years.

What I liked best were these pretty and cute houses !


Naresh said...

awesome pics!
feel lk visitin these places :)

AfricaBleu said...

My sister just found out that there is a French language school in Quebec, and they are seriously considering going there for 4-6 months, before they head off for Senegal, West Africa.

Since she and her husband both hate winter, I'm not sure how they'll handle it.
I'm off to send her to your sight to look at your pics - it may cheer her up!

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