Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's out there. Really ?

I liked this desciption of Scully.

"....This weekend, she'll be bringing all those chops back to the role that made her, and that's good news. In an entertainment world where women are disappearing from multiplexes, where men bulk up as superheroes while women don't eat but sip pink drinks, we need to remember that there was once a very short heroine who hunted monsters and talked about Einstein, who kicked ass and questioned her faith, who went to work with a man she loved but didn't rip his shirt off over lunch, who didn't want to believe, but opened herself nonetheless to possibility. We need Scully back, even for a moment."

Friday, July 25, 2008

"Time Management" by Randy Pausch

"Time Management" by Randy Pausch, November 2007 - 86 min - Nov 28, 2007

Found this link from Jugalbandi.

It was a great lecture. Not a dull moment in that 1 hour. So humorous, so positive, so true. I must have read those points a hundred times in magazines, weblinks, what not - while doing something else too. We have taken multi-tasking to its heights, that now its a time waster. Instead watched this in the dead of night.

Its a good reminder for me. That I should put some thought, and organise. Coz I now more important people to spend my time with.

Not fine at all

Serial bomb blast in Bangalore
7 9 blasts rock Bengaluru - 7 in the afternoon & 2 in the evening on Mysore Road.

(Image from CNN IBN)

Glass breaking, metal dent,
material possesions accquired after so much hard work,
getting damaged, destroyed,
Only the owners will know its pain.
One needle prick, one knife cut, hurts so bad.
How might the injured feel now ?
And the kids and family of the "lady waiting for bus" ... they must be coping with so much now.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Turn, straighten, turn, straighten

Let me begin with the grand 94.3FM Radio One PJ
Rajnikant Idea No 111nama - The other day I went to the park. Policeman came and started screaming at me. I gave one tight slap. I said, "What is this ?" Car-ra. "Where is it?" Park-ka. "So what is this?" "Car Park". He he ha ha ha ha ...

May not be funny in print, but it's funny to hear it on Radio. Especially that Rajni imitator. But something which is not funny, is the whole Car Parking subject.

Finding a car park, say in Jayanager. Sliding it into the tini-tiny space, without touching. All those are old news. Something conquered and struggle forgotten. Now it's second nature.

But now there are newer challenges facing us drivers in Bangalore. We face it each & every time we want to drive into that viscible free space. It's called "Multi Level Parking (MLP)".

First time I parked in Forum MLP, I was totally floored. No, I did not floor the car or anything. I was absolutely fida. Forum MLP is that beautiful ! You enter the base level, turn the steering, just enough degree to tackle the turn. Bus, and now you could even fall asleep with your feet on accel. Till your ride screams "parking available". Coz the angle is so smooth, you can drive up nonstop. No changes required at all.

That's it. I thought this is the parking heaven. This is what Bangalore needs. And soon I was feverishly praying for MLP's across Bangalore.

My prayers were answered. MLP's did come up everywhere. Just that they forgot to employ the same engineer/designer. That means, most of them screwed up.

Each MLP that came up was one degree more icky than the previous one. My office one is great. But it requires to adjust the steering at every level. Turn, straighten, turn, straighten. Imagine doing that for 6 floors. Imagine that much concentration, that much focus. Every since I discovered internet, my attention span has reduced so much - this much focus is the longest I ever have.

Most screwed up would have to be the one in a mall near Koramangala Ring Road. My friend told me their MLP requires slow driving & reverse at every level. Reverse ! On a slope ! At every level ! I cannot even begin to imagine ... the level of stupidity. Seriously, reverse on a slope - I am definitely not going that side.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Life changing role

As besotted as I am, I think I need to wake up and get out of the sentimental pool. Because I have the higher authorities following up on me. That I am not teaching her anything. Teach her to eat, to walk, to talk. That they have to do everything.

The first thing I faced after the post-partum honeymoon period was over, is the number of accusations I need to face. Nobody dared say anything to me when I was the quickfire rebellous youth. Now that I was besotted & vulnerable, everyone had something to say to me. "You feed her unboiled water, that's why she caught cold." "You didnt warm the food enough, so she is not eating." "Oh this is so hot, how can she eat?" "Look you gave cold food, how can she eat?" Someone might think I was not the mother !

So now after the First Birthday Party, I have decided to take on the role of teacher too. That I will sit down & play with her. And teach her to sing, and play and what not. Sometimes I feel that's a Teacher's job. And that is their strength. No one can teach rhymes and tell stories like they can. Why should I even try ? Let me provide for other things.

Which brings me to Housework. If there is one thing I hate about housework, it's that it just never ends ! Its totally 24x7. There is always something left to do. And once it is over, there it is again. No matter how quickly you finish or delegate it. Absolutely neverending loop. Earlier I thought SAHM is the best option. I would get to spend a LOT of my time with Baby. What I did not know was that, Housework would suck out all of my time. And it's no different, when I went back to work.

So ultimately this area also needs discipline & mental power - to not be sucked into a guilt-trap about untidy house or food-not-on-time, etc. And just spend time with my kid.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Just now saw ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’. I maybe out of movie watching or reviewing circuit, but I can't resist a choco-romance flick. I had to see what everyone was raving about.

Definitely good movie. I thoroughly enjoyed the part from the time Jai tell his Mom "Never again" and steps out of his home, till the end. Or rather from the time he enters Sushant's house.

And "Jignes The Patel". He was funny without trying to be hilarious.

Imran is definitely a good looking chap. His clean shaven look is a welcome relief, from the current trend of stubbles. As good as his agreeable quick-witted personality was, so was his "voilent streak" that Paresh Rawal keeps referring to.

And I Just Loved "Pappu Can't Dance Sala" !
"Kahin to hogi woh..." was also good.

(Photo Courtsey:

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby

Aankhon mein teri
Ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain
ankhon mein teri
ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain
Dil ko bana dein jo patang
Saansein ye teri vo hawaayein hain

Aayi aisi raat hai jo
Bohat khush-naseeb hai
Chaahe jisse door se duniya
Vo mere kareeb hai
Kitna kuch kehna hai
Fir bhi hai dil mein sawaal kaheen
Sapnon mein jo roz kaha hai
wo phir se kahun Ya nahee

Aankhon mein teri
Ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain
ankhon mein teri
ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain
Dil ko bana dein jo patang
Saansein ye teri vo hawaayein hain

Tere saath saath aisa
Koi noor aaya hai
Chaand teri raushni ka
Halka sa ik sayaa hai
Teri nazron ne dil ka kiya jo hasharr
Asarr ye hua
Ab inmein hi doobke ho jaaun paar
Yehi hai dua

Aankhon mein teri
Ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain
ankhon mein teri
ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain
Dil ko bana dein jo patang
Saansein ye teri vo hawaayein hain

(Credits - Javed Akta & Vishal D in Om Shanti Om)

I am very good with all babies.
I can endlessly talk with most kids and they with me.
But with my Baby A, I am totally awestruck & tongue-tied.
Even though it's exactly One Year this day.

I am very good with all the baby-care work too.
Providing, cleaning, arranging, sleep, food, clothing, books, toys, hygiene, everything.
But one look at her face, one gurgle, one coo, one toothless gummy grin - and that's it, I become one lovestruck, speechless bumpkin.
This OSO song is absolutely is the right one - about her, about me.