Friday, March 20, 2009

Dil Gira Kahan Pur Dafatan

My Current favorite song.

Actually I loved all songs of Delhi 6. On second thoughts, I liked the movie too. When it was going on, I was all eyes-rolling "when will this end" type. And after it was over, I kinda missed it, liked it.

But I think that’s more effect of the music. Most specifically 'Arziyan', playing at end-credits. Absolutely lovely songs in a long time. All songs.

And about 'Dil Gira Kahan Pur Dafatan', the imagery is fantastic. I mean we must have seen this a lot in comics, animation, maybe even photography. But a full fledged film song? Not in Hindi atleast. Imagination is awesome. But the production is applaudable. (From past one and a half year, all I care about is logistics of anything. One of the newly acquired powers that come with motherhood).

Unraveling Delhi Chandni Chowk on Times Square. That must have been one hell of a planning. I am all wrapped up in hows-and-whens ? And how much time did they get to shoot there ? And how do they clear out the crowd for this shooting ? Times Square must have featured in so many movies and songs. I am not sure, but I think it has had a deserted look in 'I Am Legend' and more disaster movies. Who gives permissions for this ? Doesn't the daily business/people get affected ?

Or is it a fake ? A copy of Times Square in some studio ? (... This is not going to end after even an hour ...) Why don’t these film publicists give out production info in interviews rather than the lead actors discussing weird existential thoughts for publicity ? I totally want to know the details of how they filmed this song.


Reema said...

I had similar thoughts while watching the song. I didnt like the movie though.
I guess in the age of Harry Potter and LOTR, such special effects must be common.

Prithi Shetty said...

Hey Reema, I was not impressed by any technical stuff of special effects. Just the effect of unraveling those Delhi characters on US location (Like an ensemble story of Tinkle characters). That moment in the movie, unexpectedly. (With no cable tv, I had not seen the trailer also.) And then some self-refrences to events that happened, and those which will come (the movie was full of those anyway). A combination of it all.

Jani said...

"Dil Gira Kahan Pur Dafatan" - what's the meaning - do you know?

HS SANDESH said...

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Prithi Shetty said...

Hi Sandesh, thanks for your comment.

Hi Jani, Gwad knows really. Prasoon Joshi is following Gulzars route and I dont know the meaning of 90% of his words. But thanks to Google-devta I found this translation.

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