Monday, August 15, 2005

Happy Independence Day !

Happy Independence Day !

Here is my list of good wishes for India
  • better weather (proper monsoon, summer and winter in just the right amount)
  • more growth in economy
  • better infrastructure in rural and urban areas
  • balanced gender population ratio
  • better output from Indian writers
  • continue the success rate and good quality in Indian cinema & music industry
  • And increased sensibility among Indian voters - for next time.

    Satya_Samantray said...

    Happy Independence Day to you too!

    It feels great to be greeted when you are outside your own country at this special occasion.

    Nice site! Keep it up. I was referred this site by a nice gentleman(hmm...i think u know him)!

    Ca... said...

    Prithi, I am impressed that you wish to be a writer. I am a writer aned have a book started called, "A Detective Story," at this link:

    It's fun to write and the imagination is a wonderful thing. Maybe you need a subject about which to write. Here is a beginning and plot for a story for you to write if you wish.

    "This story starts in a wooded area outside Bangalore. A boy (or girl-we'll say boy for the sake of writing) is walking along a faint, little used trail and comes across a pair of sandals. The sandals give off a faint glow and the boy tries them on. At first the sandals are too big but when the strap is fastened, they become just the right size.

    The thing about these sandals is, when the boy has them on, he cannot move his feet to walk, not even a step, only run. The child knows there must be some good reason why he can only run but not walk with these sandals on. Now he has to find out what that reason is."
    Good luck, Jim

    Sugar said...

    Happy Independence Day and thank you so much for visiting my blog. I have a dear friend who is from India. She is a very smart lady! :)

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