Thursday, September 1, 2005

Tubelight Gyan

Before 18, you are considered not intelligent, if you don't ask questions.

After 18, you are considered not intelligent, if you ask questions, without providing answers for them.

Sarcasm is the worst form of communication. Nobody gets the point. And its not funny. Also, the satisfaction of giving a biting reply often leaves a bitter aftertaste.
Art form, maybe. But definitely not for communication.

Accusatory tone
Anything said in accusatory tone need not be so.
Repsonse in accusatory tone, does not imply you are guilty. Its just their attack mechanism.

  • You are being defensive - Ofcourse I am, since you are being offensive.
  • Oh his English is simply a translation from vernacular. - Big deal. As long as you talk confidently and communicate your idea, its good enough. Wait for 20, or even 5 years, and your phrases will find a mention in the Oxford dictionary.

    Thomas said...

    I'm over 18 and I ask a lot of questions, so I guess I'm not considered intelligent.

    Am I concerned? No. ;o)

    Enchant said...

    nice line with puzzled nature
    Ek sikke ke do pahlu

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