Monday, August 22, 2005

This is good news

This is good news.

ToI, HT get SC notice for vulgar content

Its was high time, somebody pulled up ToI. Thank you Supreme Court and Mr. Ajay Goswami for the PIL. I hope it really has some effect.

ToI had gone down long back. I had switched to Deccan Herald nearly 4-5 years back. DH always has good material to read. Indian Express is good in Maharashtra. But their Bangalore edition is not in a good shape.


khelnayak said...

Yeah...i echo your views. Had been an ardent IE reader as long as i was in pune. Never switched to TOI inspite of my close friend being freelancing for it.
Sad to see that IE aint doing that well in Bangy.

khelnayak said...

Hey...i read in your fact list that your hubby is a cricketer. Interesting. I would surely like to know his name if u dont mind i.e.
And surprising u dont watch cricket but football. :)

Thanks for the visit on my blog.

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