Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday Night Playlist

  • Bijuriya (Remix) - Shaadi se pehle
  • Au au Ashiqui mein teri (Remix) - 36 Chinatown
  • Zara Jhoom Jhoom (Remix) - Tom Dick & Harry
  • Afsana Banake Bhool Na Jaana - Dil Diya Hai
  • Ek nazar mein bhi - Taxi 9 2 11
  • Zehale muskin - Gulami
  • Khalbali - Range De Basanti
  • Dil Na Diya - Krrish
  • Kajra re - Bunty aur Babli
  • Aisa jadoo dala re - Khakee
  • Naam hain tera tera (Remix) - Aap ka Suroor

  • Wednesday, July 12, 2006


    This is too horrible for words.

    Morning, 5 blasts in Srinagar.

    Evening, 8 blasts in Mumbai.

    I was commuting at the very same time. Only in a different city.
    Reached home to get this news and spend all evening watching the images.

    Of mangled train compartments, rush in hospitals,
    rain soaked onlookers,
    of first eye-witnesses choking when they recounted what they saw,
    people trying to reach home and bystanders helping with drinking water.
    The phone lines were down till midnight. Maybe it was a good thing. Gave all sometime to absorb the severity of it all.

    On the side: No matter how much we berate the news channels, they have shown maturity in their reporting. All but Sardesai's channel. Now he is definitely out of my TV forever.

    Monday, July 10, 2006

    Final is over

    I stayed up till 2:30. And for what ?
    It was such a boring match.
    Hardly any goals. 2 goals in 90 minutes. One was Zidane penalty which looked simple, but he dinked it. And other Materazzi's one, which was the only good one.
    Then extra time. Nothing again.

    2 hours gone, and then penalty shootout.
    I mean, what is the thrill about a penalty shootout ?
    If that's what they wanted, they could have done it in the first hour itself.
    And then, so many contacts, injuries & tiny breaks. Plus, every minute the ball rushed out. No footwork lasted enough to thrill.

    For me the highlight was Zidane's red-card. Man ! how can he do that ! It was unbelievable. Really, height of pressure.

    As far as I know, all finals are such lacklustre matches. Two of the best, not letting each other excel. Expected.