Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pappu radio chala

Swaying NilgirisThere is something about morning commute and radio. Wind in the hair. Gloomy cloudy sky even at 9am. Driving on a route with no signals, slowing only at speed-breakers.

And suddenly scream "Hooi hooi hooi hooi, But Pappu cant dance sala ..."

Radio One 94.3FM is my current favourite day-time radio channel. (Nothing can beat Vivdh Bharti for a quite peaceful night). And I have to endorse RJ Prithvi. He is definitely very entertaining without being a nuisance. His 'News in Kanglish' is laugh-worthy everytime.

Btw there was a promotion of Love Story 2050, and in which Harman Baweja says, "... mujhe milye, mein hoon Harman Baweja.."

Twing ... I was transported to the Film Studio canteen where Pappu Master was lecturing Omprakash Makhija on the importance of proper name in Films. Gotto say he is right. If you don't find the connection, try repeating HB'a name a few times.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Monsoon & Mangoes are here !

Dark cloudy evening

Monsoon arrived on the cue, straight this weekend. Actually Monsoon is too heavy a word. In Bangalore, it only means dark clouds, cool wind and light showers. All the road flooding is man-made, so I wont include it in Monsoon definition.

And this being Mango season, they are just everywhere. Whether it's chilly, dark outside or hot sunny afternoon, nothing beats a tangy kairi with salt & chilly ! Absolutely drool-worthy.

Mango, salt & chili ! More Mangoes

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Museum Outing

To kick start my nephew's summer vacation here, we decided to visit Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological museum & Venkatappa Art Gallery at Kasturba Gandhi Road (approach it from Hudson Circle).

Driving anywhere in Bangalore is dead tiring. And that we were. First thing we did, well after a nearly half-an hour of parking struggle, was to grab a few chairs and gourge on sandwiches. Thankfully baby did not make a fuss about her meal. I was worried the sculpturers nearby would fire me for disturbing their creavitity etc. There was some kindof Art mela going on, with paintings on sale & artisits chipping away on stone.

About the parking adventure, well I casually turned left on the road to parking area, so did the cars beind me. And ofcourse there were cars ahead of me. Everyone moved ahead at the speed of 10. And soon it became evident, that there is no more space ahead & the only way out being the one we entered from. And since it was a narrow lane, everyone was stuck. There was no one at the entrance to stop more incoming cars. These kind of situations really need patience and with everyone in the same mess, patient is the only thing to be. So now it was first-gear-ahead-reverse-gear-back routine for everyone in order to make some space & fit in. I say forget trekking & mountaineering & all, driving & parking in Bangalore is lot more adventurous.

Basically I have this knack to begin every outing by being tired, and then going ahead from there. Anyway, so after all this, all I wanted to do was sit quitely. But not so my nephew, who was all charged up, that we had finally reached some destination. So he hopped around and explored the Lotus pond and then into the Art Gallery, and then came running back, screaming about "huge sitar in there".

We started with Antique Museum (History : check). And then moved to the Science Museum in the next building (Mechanics, Electronics, Biology: check check check).

Wright Brothers Plane replica Head on plate

One thing really good about such places, I mean after discarding all artistic & scientific pretences away, something really practically good, is that you have someone or something else to entertain the kids. So while my main aim at every floor was to hunt for a free chair, my nephew had exciting time following the ball on the Energy loop, being a goalie in a virtual reality football, checking out floating balls & tornados and infinity well, and how all things mechanical & eletrical work.....

Science Museum Science Museum

And then we moved to the Art gallery. The "huge sitar" was in Venkatappa section. This one some pretty watercolors of Ooty & other hill stations. Top floor had Hebbar works. Middle floor was some contemprary artist works. Good ones too. But absolutely no labels, no information, on-sale-no-sale, nothing. So basically it's a good way to enjoy good visuals without interference. (Drawing: check)

Painting @ Vekatappa Art Gallery Painting @ Vekatappa Art Gallery

UB CityOne thing I absolutely love about Bangalore, is that it's never hot for more than a few hours. So while the entire morning was all hot & humid, evening was cloudy and then light showers. Lovely chill. This is a good view from the Art Gallery, of the UB City Tower against the cloudy sky.