Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Get in Gear 2016 - Half Marathon - Race Recap

I had such a perfect race, I had nothing to blog about. I don't know how to post my smile emoji here :) Seriously like nothing went wrong, so what to do write about ? But blogging tradition needs to be maintained. Snapshot needs to be posted. Else how would I remember what a Perfect race felt like ? After all, memory dims pretty fast. So here it goes.

I reached early this time and parked at VAMC and took the shuttle provided by Get In Gear. Morning was chill for an warm April morning. I was seriously doubting my single layer blue UnderArmour shirt. At the pickup point, I decided to wear the race shirt as my 2nd layer. It was short sleeve too, so I doubted how it would help or that it will heat me up. But it turned out perfect. And I love the material for some reason. This is my new favorite race shirt.

Start was usual and got to hear the usual chatter around. My pace was good. I did not push or burn. Kept the slow steady pace. Keyword being steady, which means less walking.

I have to talk about the finish. As I reached the turn to take left towards the cobblered path towards the Minnehaha Falls, I was worried about my time, something i had ignored all the while. And then I saw the clock showing like 2:58. Now I had to keep this sub-3 so I sprinted like mad and made it within 3. I was thrilled by that alone. And later when the official result was published, found out that it was 2:55:53 . Yeah !

I was not tired or sore. Throughout & at the end and after the end. Indeed, I lingered around so much, I missed the last bus-shuttle to the car park at Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC). Somebody guided me towards it (coz I am bad with directions even after coming from that way in the morning bus). And then I walked those 2 miles. So it turned out to be a recovery walk - something I usually skipped. That helped keep soreness away,  I can see that now.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Workout Water Bottle Review - CamelBak, Pogo, Nathan SpeedDraw

I have to call this out first - I was not paid by these bottle companies or anyone to review these.  I am doing this because I have owned tons of bottles in my life,  and never thought they are anything which needs any thought. For the first time, I struggled with CamelBak a lot and one internet post helped me with it. So that makes me want to create my own post too. So here come more details.

CamelBak Eddy Water Bottle - Rain (0.75L)

Lovely cute bottle. I choose the one in Blue. I wanted to try out CamelBak since I saw a lot of people using it. I had heard some vague praise for the spout & non-leak ability. When I started using it, it was so frustrating. I struggled & struggled at the spout, no water came up. Imagine that in the middle of a tiring workout. That would be a first for anything which calls itself a water bottle. It was so silly, I thought I was wrong, cause how could the manufacturer go wrong in such a simple thing. Finally I stopped doubting myself and looked up the packing label. Nothing specific. Then finally, I turned to God..Google.
Lot of responses, numerous material. But none speaking about my problem.
Finally, this community post on a bike forum was the one which solved my problem. After that I was like ahh, that how it is !!!  The video here is correct.
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    Default *Upate in first Post *Camelbak water bottle...What am I doing wrong??

    Update :

    Just got off the phone with Camelbak. The directions on the packaging are kind of deceiving. You need to pull open the valve and then press the bite valve open with your thumb and finger. It took a few times but mine finally popped open and works! Obviously they have received numerous calls about this sort of problem! He also said you should never have to cut the straw to get them to work.

    Thanks for everyone's help!

    I purchased the Eddy for my ds. Took the first one back to Target yesterday because no water was coming out. Just assumed it was defective. Tried the new one this morning and it doesn't work. The only directions are flip it open, bite, and drink.

    I feel like an idiot!

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    You're not an idiot!!! Most of the bite valves come closed. You have to work on them a bit to get them open. If you just bite and suck, the valve may still be shut, and you'll get nothing. Try squeezing and manipulating the valve a bit with your fingers or teeth. Make sure you can squeeze the valve and see that there's a hole there! If you can't get it open, you should exchange it, but I've never had that happen.

Pogo Tritan Chug - Grey ( 32ounce )

I got a smaller one for my kids for their school purpose, which they promptly lost in a few weeks. Then they saved a bad design one for rest of the school year. Irony.
I liked how the cap fits and won't leak any water. No pipes, so I don't have to be in suspense about mold of any kind. Spout is of firm plastic and right size - to drink or to cleanup. So I have the convenience of a cap-bottle, without the inconvenience of opening the cap & swirling it back on.
It's size is perfect fit for most treadmill water holders.
32 ounce size is perfect for any hard exercise lasting 1 hour.
The hard plastic of the spout can hurt the teeth a bit, if you drink while on the move on treadmill.

Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Flask, Black

I got the one in Silver & Black. It's for outside runs, esp on routes that are new to me. Earlier all my long runs around a lake, multiple laps of the 3 mile distance. So I could leave my bottle and fuel bars on any bench. And I got used to running without carrying any load. I still am not ready for the jiggle of a hydra-belt. Since now I was going to run out & back on unfamiliar routes, I decided to give the hand-held bottle a try.

Initially, I was not sure how I would feel about the sploshing inside. I have used this for runs lasting 3 miles to 9 miles. When it is completely full, there is hardly any sploshing. It doesn't weigh bad too. I am training myself to drink less. So it does last for about an hour. Anything more, and I need to refill it. So I plan accordingly and refill it at any water point I see.