Thursday, July 14, 2005

Driving lessons continue

My driving lessons continue. I have joined a formal class now. My hubby taught me to be brave on roads. Now I will learn the rules of the game.

Am driving confidently now. So not much of an adventure. Maybe the adventure will begin when I get my license and venture into congested city areas !

But one amazing thing is, after learning all the details of driving, am now stuck with starting trouble. Everytime I stop and start, its with great many jerks.

The instructor, who earlier was impressed with me, now is going mad. "Examiner will fail you !", he screams. Ah, maybe I should change from my loose sandals to a tight fit one - for better judgement of the clutch.

One trivia about the instructor. Both the ringtone & dialtone of his mobile phone, have DDLJ songs. If you call him, you get to hear Tujhe Dekha to yeh jana sanam.. and if his phone rings, its Mehdi laga ke rahna. Cool. Maybe a good omen, that I will do well in learning this skill.

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AfricaBleu said...

Good job - way to have such dilligence!

And next time your instructor screams at you, veer sharply off the road, then glare at him and say, "I can't concentrate when you are yelling."

Then start humming one of those songs he likes.

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