Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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  • Commencement address by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios

  • About the increasing Ceaserean procedures in India. (Source)

  • Power of Languages. And Internet - What Will Globalization Do to Languages? A Freakonomics Quorum

  • And all of the Amul ads.
  • Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    A Wednesday on A Wednesday

    A Wednesday on A Wednesday - wow I realised this just now !

    With the current affairs being what it is, the most proactive action I could take was to watch the movie "A Wednesday" ... damn I feel so guilty about sarcasm. About the recent Saturday blasts, my MIL believes in the Aamir theory. She is sure, no educated young people nowadays can ignore their family and indulge in things which will cause so much heartburn to so many families. After all, those affected are not from any single community. She is sure such people have been coerced with some fear. Back to the movie world, the good part is that these movies now show how we are standing up. Here the hero is no Sunny Doel; here they are the common people and they are getting back.

    Watching this movie is hundred times better than reading it's review anywhere. The movie was non-tight, non-sleek, non-stylish, no-trendy camera angles, no-nonsense movie. And yet absolutely satisfying. Too short I say. Like a very well made Hindi thriller TV episode (is that even possible ?).

    The good guys did not preach or convert, they just took action. Oh ok, not forgetting the 'long explanation' at the climax. And Shergill's crisp summary after. But that speech was so well written, so real world words; like the director had parsed all blogs or picked from his neighbour's conversation or something. So real, so common, and so refreshing. I wish someone put it verbatim up on web. That way all dialogs were fresh & crisp, without any cocky background sound effect to convey intelligence.

    Some things were left loose ofcourse. What was that 'Beta' refrence in the last call ? And how come he was the 'chief strategist' & all pally with the 4, if eventually he turned out to be someone else ?

    And some logistical questions. How could he carry so much vegetable, so high up, in that flimsy plastic bag. I mean I buy that much every other day, and my jute bag keep threatening to tear apart. Plus the weight lifting pain. And how could he sit all afternoon in all that direct sun ? I mean yes the view is great, but it would be tough to get all that work done, in that sun.

    And what's with the name ? Absolutely no significance. But very chic yes.

    Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    Open world, open minds

    Govt staffers can take up to 3 yrs' child care leave

    This is one rule that could turn women in India Inc green with envy. The Centre has not only increased maternity leave for its employees to six months but has also cleared paid leave for two years to take care of children.
    Excellent ! Marvelous ! Stupendous ! This calls for celebration !

    If this (or any) society wants to progress or even stay alive, it has to consider the contribution of women - both at work and also at home. And it should tailor the work processes to accomodate child birth, adoption & child care.

    3 months maternity leave was really a joke. 6 months is adequate. And child care leaves are absolute necessity. Taking a clean job break is not possible anymore. We need to continue to use our education and worldly skills, while we raise our kids. Part-time, flexible hours, free-lancing, work from home - the world is opening up. Now our decision makers need to open their minds.

    Fingers-crossed for these benefits to seep in from government to corporate as well as unorganised job sectors too.

    Sunday, September 7, 2008


    These acronyms remind me of the "ABBG TPOG" Song.

    Anyway, so what is the Height of Desperation ?
    Me sitting right here in India, watching Ba Bahu Aur Baby (BBAB) on YouTube !

    With my days tightly packed with activities, living in the cable-free world is only beneficial. But memories of BBAB was giving me withdrawal pains. Till I discovered it again on YouTube (ya me Columbus !).

    Anyway, it's difficult to give up BBAB. Their set, costumes, witty repartees, camaraderie, बाल की खल निकालना, राय का पहाड़ बनाना, some old world naivety. With so many sample characters, the organized chaos only got more interesting every week. It was my every weekend night fix.

    A virtual tug to Hubby, to watch BBAB with me.

    Monday, September 1, 2008

    Orange Blossoms

    Clicked these fresh Orange blooms on a very early cloudy, foggy morning in my Mom's garden. I gotto say I saw my first Green colored Orange here.

    Orange Blossoms

    They say, we miss so much in city life. I still think 'growing', whether its vegetable, fruits or flowers is not our job.

    Thankfully, my daughter has been listening to the clucking of chicken since she was a week old. Thanks to my Mom & Dad, even I got to see milk direct from the cows, freshly plucked coriander leaves, Palak & a whole lot of fruits & vegetables, straight from the garden.

    Orange Blossoms

    This is my entry for CLICK - August, Citrus theme.