Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pre-Bedtime Bored Jar

Week day evenings are so chaotic. There is this rush to cook, feed, eat and packup so we can go to bed as soon as possible. But because we parents are so busy with these main chores, week after week go away and we spend a small % of the day doing some quality stuff with the kids.

I truly like the idea of Bored Jar. Here is my tailored version, for those Weekday evenings. This will help me when my brain can't step away from the chores to think of some short activity with kids. These things are lying around neatly organised. All kids need is something interesting to get started and then they are off doing more by them-self.

Weekday Pre-Bedtime Bored Jar

Pre-Bedtime Bored Jar

  1. Country & Capital / Atlas
  2. Ludo or Snakes N Ladder
  3. Chess Or Checkers 
  4. Catch Ball
  5. Draw / Color
  6. Amar Chitra Katha  / Comics
  7. India History
  8. India States
  9. USA States
  10. Rubic Cube
  11. Jump Rope
  12. Hula-Hoop
  13. Origami / Paper Craft
  14. Book 
  15. Reading
  16. I-Spy
  17. Write / Draw in Journal
  18. Puppets
  19. Build Fort
  20. Shower / Bath
  21. Water Plants
  22. Phone Grandparents
  23. 5-minute Hindi
  24. 5-Minute Tulu
  25. Astronomy
  26. Cleanup Tables
  27. Cleanup Closets
  28. Cleanup Lego
  29. Dance steps 
  30. Jig Saw
  31.  Puzzle
  32. Card 
  33. Games
  34. Board Games
  35. 2 Pages of Workbook
  36. Make Beds
  37. Hop Scotch
  38. Tic-Tac-toe
  39. Connect Dots
  40. Doodle

Friday, August 21, 2015

My Bucket List

Am going to keep this post live & updated to latest dates. Something like the Pinned post feature on FB.

Bucket List

  1. Watch an all-nighter Yakshagana show.
  2. Visit Leh. Drive, walk, click the whole 10 days.
  3. Spend a leisurely month in North-East India. Safari and spend a night at the Kaziranga National Park. Walk the streets of Shillong. Visit Kamakhya temple in Sibsagar. Nostalgia trip across Dibrugarh. Tour Guwahati, Aizwal, Arunachal.
  4. Visit China. Shanghai for city, deserts and rural place as well.
  5. Make a huge artwork , something like 72 inch by 98 inch. A really good one.


  1. Atleast 1 Marathon - Ya that's done ! Ran Minneapolis Marathon 2015 !