Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Finished 'HP & HBP'

I finished 'HP & HBP' last night.

It was a good book. Quite and good. Still, not as much excitement as in the Goblet.

And it did not matter who HBP was ? Now the mystery is - who is RAB ?

Its incredible, he should die. How can he die ? There are so many questions he did not answer. Death always leaves unfinished business. And why did it have to be pathetic ? How can there be a 7th year without him ? Anyway it looks doubtful there will be a 7th year at Hogwarts. Maybe in 7th book, Harry will go out looking for Voldemort. And maybe in the end, Harry will die too; with Ron & Hermoine sad, just like Veeru & Basanti. Just guessing.

I loved the romance bits thoroughly. I am still smiling, thinking about them. The way there were refrences in the begining, so subtle we can easily miss. And later we know for whom Harry heart beats faster.

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