Friday, March 27, 2009

50 States Coin Collection

50 State Quarter Coins

Completed the 50 state quarter coin collection in flat 2.5 months. Good one, I say. It helps that the last of the coins were released 5-6 months back. US mint had released a special quarter coin for each of the states in the country, and 5 each year since 1999.

Most of the store attendents in Minnesota can breath easy now. Cause I won't be pestering them for quarters in change. And the credit card companies too. Cause now I can switch over from cash to cards in my spending.

Big thanks to my hubby who contributed most here.


Jani said...

Those who visit US - do various interesting activities immediately on visit. Like visiting Niagara falls or something similar to your previous driving experience/experiment etc. But coin collection of all the states? I heard this for the first time :)
My grandpa was a bureaucrat in India and used to collect all the special coins minted by Govt of India as a hobby.

Dewdrop said...

:) Wow! great achievement!

Prithi Shetty said...

Thanks Jani & Dewdrop.

Coin collection m,ay not sound so, but is real interesting thanks to the other fringe activities. Most challenging one would be - to byheart the 50 state names !

AfricaBleu said...

My kids' grandma started collecting the 50 state coins as soon as it was announced that they were going to mint them. She thrilled to give them a new one evey time it was released. She had more fun collecting them, I think, but I know someday the kids will really appreciate it.

Preeti S ingh said...

Hey bhabhi.... congrats on collecting all the coins so fast and being a part of the most successful numismatic program in history.

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