Friday, October 31, 2008

Likhe jo khat tujhe ...

Welcome to Sajjanpur

Welcome to Sajjanpur was a good laugh. After a long time, I can say some film was witty & humourous. Shreya Talpade joins my list of favorite actors. Dialoges, dialog delivery by Shreyas, Ila Arun, Ravi Jhankal (Munni) and the lot brought a smile each time. Music-wise, the one that stands out and was very enjoyable was "Munni ki baari".

After watching Rock-On and Welcome to Sajjanpur on the same day, I was wondering - which India do I belong to ? Both seemed very surreal, I don't belong to either. I guess it makes sense, that I belong to the "middle class" :))

Anyway this movie was a good chance for my MIL to share those old gone days. When she was a young school going kid and illiterate village wives came to her, to dictate letters for their immigrant husbands, working in the city. Here are some of the gems they sprinkled their letters with:

Likhti hoon khat, khoon se ,
Siya-i na samaj-na |
Marti hoon teri yaad mein,
Zinda na samjna |

Likhti hoon khoon se ,
Siya-i na samaj-na |
Marti hoon nurai se,
Burai na samaj-na |

Chal chal re chiti, kabutar ki chal,
Yadi hogi mohobbat, toh denge jawab |

Most of the mundane letters did end with
Thoda likha jyada samjna...

And with instructions to the letter writer that
Aisa chiti likhna ki jaldi pahuche

Quite a revelation for me. That Creativity and literary expression of love, is obviously not limited to city folks or English language or these modern times alone :)

I don't remember when was the last time I wrote a letter. Personal communication now-a-days, is only a crisp to-the-point email or a curt to-the-point phone call. I think I have forgotten to write a letter. And that I lift a pen only to write a grocery list for shopping. Hmm ...


Rajeev said...

Thanks for making me laugh :)even I enjoyed this movie but after reading your blog I am going to see this movie again LOL.

You can watch "Hello" is also a good movie.

Prithi Shetty said...

Oh yes, Hello is on my list from a long time. But evening are so quite, I can't disturb the routine here. Maybe this weekend.

Reema said...

Oh I too liked the movie a lot. I think by blogging we are still in touch with the writer in us.

Prithi Shetty said...

Yes Reema. But letter writing is altogether different emotional experience. And that too with pen on paper.

Preeti Singh said...

After years "WTS" came as a simple & yet soo entertaining and relaxing movie.

Thanks to you and your blog for boosting me to see this movie.

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