Saturday, July 22, 2017

Paddy Harvest

My Aunt shared these photos in our Udupi family Whatsapp group. Totally stumped me with nostalgia. I have seen all of these activities in my Ajja-Ajji's house. All during my school time summer vacations.

Not my Ajja's actual house, but it had similar architecture.
I knew little then, about these activities. I will blame my Mom of course, cause she didn't want us kids lolling in the hay, and then be itchy all day and scratch our skin off.

But these farming activities were the taken-for-granted things for us, and ever the constant of life. And hence, now it pinches me when I look at the pics. Who knows if they continue doing this ? Will I get to see them again ?

Best monsoon means easier tilling of the slushy fields.

Planting paddy saplings.

After harvest, paddy is thrashed to separate the husk and rice in a pile.

These activities take up all the verandah and surrounding spaces.

Arritha Muddi - Rice/paddy is then packed in rolled balls. I need pics of those.


Mangalore cucumber, harvested and lined on the ceiling, hanging on strips of coconut leaves.

- Aritha Mudi
- Puadi
- Kalase
- Ser
- Vodamarayi
- Peekadani
- Kara Bisale
- Kardige
- Chembuda Kara
- Bisale
- Bharoni
- Ujjer
- Kodapana
- Thattuga
- Sambarda Marai
- Gurke
- Peradane
- Chombu
- Semeda Mane
- Kavoli

Tuluvere Pirakuda Isirolu

All pictures from the internet; no credit to me or anyone I know. At least some of them have watermarks.  Of course I didn't have any digital camera when I have seen these activities. And now I don't have any opportunity to see them. Hence, God bless those admins of FB pages (BeautyOfTulunad) dolling out full-on nostalgia.

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