Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I Love Bangalore

I Love Bangalore. I never thought I would say that, but I do love Bangalore. I was so glad to commute to my office, after I returned from Chennai.

I had been to Chennai for 2 days. Nice place. Huge billboards, different ads and good quality pictures. Only Tamil and absolutely no trace of Hindi. Good chunk of traffic, but it was totally smooth-flowing with no jams anywhere. They have lots of flyovers and have made good use of them. All that I have said is mainly in contrast to what I am used to seeing. No comments on the weather. I didnt feel much difference. Reminded me of Bombay though. Not sunny, but definitely lukewarm hot.

And I should higlight this. There is something very ah, Chennai people are very courteous to ladies. I dont know if this is universal or it stuck in my mind, because both the times I was having a bad time. But its definitely something. First time, a security guard, whose job it was to keep the waiting crowd away from a gate and who was doing a good job at it. He very courteous asked/allowed me to take a seat near there, when I was very very exhausted. And this time, when I was travelling to Chennai, I had to exchange my seat with a guy so he could sit with his wife (who would be in the seat besides mine). I did so and an old couple were now next to me. But this seat headrest was damaged and no way could I complete the journey with my sore painful neck. So instead of me going back, the elderly gentleman exchanged his seat with mine. Nothing amazing to read, but it definitely mattered.


AfricaBleu said...

My parents really like Bangalore, too. (They live in New Delhi).

Baejaar said...

I am surprised that you didnt see any difference in the weather. After just a couple of years in Bangalore, I am able to notice the difference (despite me having spent 21 years in Chennai). Its true that people are very courteous to ladies but unfortunately there are exceptions too. I am glad that you never got a chance to meet them.

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