Monday, July 4, 2005

Marriage videos

There some movies, which I believe are a must-see for engaged couple and even newly-weds. Something of a what-to-expect-in-a-normal-married-life. No matter how formulaic the movie might be, I have found they have some reflections of real life in them.

  • Just Married: I liked the part where the French villa owner tells Brittany, "I had been married for 26 years, and belive me the first year is the toughest." That is so so true.
  • Chalte Chalte: Esp for the "wet towel on bed" sequence. I was almost pointing out that the wet towel will moisten the pillow, when Rani pointed it out. Again, this is so real. It could be a wet towel or a teacup, shoe, books or any stuff lying around. But the point is (a) the spouse should be aware (b) it really doesn't matter whats lying around.
    And oh, also the scene when SRK tries to show off as a responsible householder. Having bought vegetables and cleaning dishes, while Rani files her nails. that was funny & cute.
  • Flavors: Mainly for the lovely interactions between the Mother & Father (Bharati Archekar & Anjan Srivastava). And also the chat in art gallery between MIL & DIL (Jenni). Reminded me of my nice MIL.
  • And this movie has 5 other fun intersecting stories. So a must watch.
    I looked for the DVD EVERYWHERE. but its just not there. So I make do with this Youtube one.

  • Mr & Mrs Smith: A major lesson on marital fights. Its a part & parcel of any marriage and cannot be avoided. Best not avoided, atleast in the initial years. Because those times are some revelation times and only act in bringing the couple closer.

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    AfricaBleu said...

    Also, (in defense of SRK's character in "Chalte, Chalte,") it is never a good idea to borrow money from your ex-fiance and make your husband look bad... ;)

    Baejaar said...

    I think Alaipayuthe (Sathiya in Hindi) is also a good one for newly married couples.

    Prithi Shetty said...

    Thanks Becky.
    Thanks Deepak.
    For adding to the list :)

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