Thursday, July 7, 2005

The Hours

The Hours". Kindof good. Liked its atmosphere, especially with the fast paced piano playing in background. Like Nicole Kidmans frown and voice. Liked the kid, totally devoted to his mom. And very much like Virginia Woolf's patient husband. Their talk in the railway station was very touching.
Just saw "

Liked certain dialoges.
"Am I ready for the intensity, the arguements, the door slamming?"
"Trivial, schedules, tasks, details" The way Streep says it.

The connecting patterns were also important in holding together the three ladies. Especially the one arond the opening credits and ones to take pause of exhaustion - by all three. And was fascinated by the non-obstructive attention to detail - sets, props, dresses, mannerisms, accents.

Yet, I was wondering what was the point of it all? That VW wrote "Mrs Dalloway", which triggered the screwed up mind of Laura , who was trying to finish reading the book. And that her abandonment screwed up her devoted young son, who in turn screwed up everyone's minds, esp Clarissa, in his adulthood. And then the liberation was with Virginia Woolf drowning and Laura Brown meeting Clarrissa with all explanations. I have not come to any conclusion.

Maybe I should read the book. Both of them.

Anyway after hearing it so many times, I now feel like "throwing a party"

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