Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Open world, open minds

Govt staffers can take up to 3 yrs' child care leave

This is one rule that could turn women in India Inc green with envy. The Centre has not only increased maternity leave for its employees to six months but has also cleared paid leave for two years to take care of children.
Excellent ! Marvelous ! Stupendous ! This calls for celebration !

If this (or any) society wants to progress or even stay alive, it has to consider the contribution of women - both at work and also at home. And it should tailor the work processes to accomodate child birth, adoption & child care.

3 months maternity leave was really a joke. 6 months is adequate. And child care leaves are absolute necessity. Taking a clean job break is not possible anymore. We need to continue to use our education and worldly skills, while we raise our kids. Part-time, flexible hours, free-lancing, work from home - the world is opening up. Now our decision makers need to open their minds.

Fingers-crossed for these benefits to seep in from government to corporate as well as unorganised job sectors too.


YOSEE said...

They could've given a thought to a short "Paternity Leave" as well !

Prithi Shetty said...

Yes, that's important too. Cause now-a-days most of the new Dad have a lot of running around to do, during those early days. It's not just an emotional need (to bond with the baby), but a practical necessity.

I know of some IT companies who give 3-7 days of PL and work flexibility.

Vasanthan said...

3 years is really unbelievable!

Prithi Shetty said...

3 years does sound big. But its nothing for a new mother. Those early 3 years pass of like a swish. And ironically those 3 years are the most important for the kid. We cant afford to be lax in kid-care in those early years.

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