Friday, December 16, 2005

Nach Baliye

Nach Baliye aired it grand finale yesternight. It was a good show, wrapping up at 12:30 AM. Reminded me of the good old Doordarshan times New Year programs. (They don't do these anymore).

All these weeks, only the ten couples have been dancing, with one dropping off every Thursday. This time every one danced. The finalists danced to Aa dekhe zara, the ultimate Hindi film song for a couple competition dance. So did the other couples, even the anchor couple. And the lead pairs of a new upcoming series. Even Farhan swayed to Nach Baliye song, which was cute, accompanied by Malaika and Saroj.

Okay, my favorite jodi have been Rajeev-Delnaaz. They were cute and hardworking. Delnaaz was so lively. And Rajeev's Mithun number was the ultimate. Of course the judges are biased. They gave glowing praises and full marks for a lousy Don song. Na I mean, the song Khaike paan banaraswala... is a gem. Varun performed some lousy parady and that too very ineffectively. And the way Varun-Rajeshwari have been sulking ! It’s as if they have been well compensated to keep their mouth shut, but need to sulk to blame the producers for snatching away all fame. This is my conspiracy theory. What else can explain the way judges kept putting maska to this couple, though they put up a faltu collage of all well-known actor dance styles.

One more jodi, not exactly a favorite, but they kind-of grew on me - Amit-Neeru. First it was irritating to hear him crib after every performance. But he gave a very dignified and sportive goodbye speech. And that day they had given their best performance. Kab tak ... Mujhse Shaadi Karogi he was in white sherwani and she in lovely pink ensemble.

Anyway moving on to the good couples, Parmeet & Archana were the beauty in this whole ensemble. To quote Farhan, "... the positive vibe which you two create.. its very addictive..." Seriously they were the second best. Great dance and witty remarks.

Supriya, Sachin, hosts Shabbir Ahluwalia and Sangita Ghosh and Manish, Poonam So the best jodi is Sachin-Supriya (my vote to them as well). Seriously they almost danced ekdum dil-phek-ke. It wasn't like huge effort or so. Just fun and enthusiasm. That's what dance is, according to me.

It was also a good show, cause they gave equal footage to the runner-up Poonam-Manish, after the results were announced. Acknowledged all choreographers. Indeed this must be a very good career opportunity for the choreographers and various designers. One more thing, I must say, this show demolished any remnant wonder at bulky people indulging in fast dance. I mean, we always had Saroj Khan. But now we got to see non-professional dancers like Delnaaz, Manasi and Poonam dance very well and enjoy themselves, inspite of their extra pounds.

And for some reason, this reminded me of all school competitions. Only here, parents were competing and kids cheering ! Over all a very well choreographed show indeed !


AKS said...

Yeah ! Kind of good show for two reasons

One, they did not stretch it - kept it just of the right length to keep intrest levels of audience high. I just wish that they do not make another laughter challenge of this show - which became a regular soap after the challenge was long over.

Second, It made choreography a respected art among audience. Some of those choreographers actually made some very ordinary dancers improve and achieve some real success stories.

Shankari said...

Sorry! I didn't see this show. :(

Sugar said...

Hi! Thank you for your holiday wishes. You should see the crowds around the town. People still shopping as if there were no tommorow! :)

Hiren said...

Nach Baliye is a very good program and deserves its huge popularity. The icing on the cake is that with programs like that and Indian idols, artists are getting a platform to showcase thier talent which brings to mind Swami Vivekanand's statement that Education is the manifestation of perfection already present in man or in simple words is supposed to draw out your natural talent. This is especially important considering that many people face a lifetime of misery trapped in the wrong jobs.

Shankari said...

Hi Prithi! long time no post!??

cecilia and puneet said...

Dear Prithi:

I have been visitng your blog and thank you for your wishes. I hope your dreams of becoming a writer take fruit. Write diligently and read too much.My two bits of advice.

Cecilia and Puneet

Prithi Shetty said...

Aks, I so agree with you.

Oh yes Sugar, there will always be last minute gifts :)

Hiren, you have a great blog. So much passion about choice-of-occupation.

Yes Shankari, was caught up in some stuff. But here is my new post.

Thanks Cecilia. I have tried all the tips of this trade. All but one - i.e. sit down and write :D

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