Friday, May 20, 2005

6 Things to do in Belgaum

  1. Eat Pav-Bhaji at Shetty's in Bogarves
  2. Visit Hindalga Ganapati Mandir (temple)
  3. Shop at Kirloskar & Maruti galli
  4. Visit Military Mahadev (temple)
  5. Check out the Cantonment area
  6. Visit Deshmukh Road, from GCC college to First gate ! Thats the counterpart of Bangalore MG Road
  7. Check out K.L.E. College of Engg

Nothing mindbogling about this. But it covers most of Belgaum. Plus there is nostalgia for me.


sanlen said...

hmm seems like that u have covered almost..but add two more..
1)Eating vada pav at Nath deshmukhroad
2)Having evening dinner at hotel greens(cantonment area)


Vinod said...

Roam around in the Camp Area?
Chai at Nanawadi?

Anonymous said...

trying Walking from Camp Area to Outskirts of the City -if you are the Health conscious types - minimum recommended is 10km

Otherwise if you bike/drive take a drive via Khanapur to Londa - enjoy the jungles and come back;
If you are adventurous bike from Londa to Ponda in GOa and Back

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