Thursday, April 9, 2009

My American Experience

There is immense source of inspiration for science-fiction here - Nature - so vast & mysterious , sights from airplanes, tech gadgets you can think of.

On a drive, it was a sight to see the changing vegetation from California to Nevada to Arizona.

I savored typical American vegetables, fruits and dishes, which I had only read about and never actually tasted. Veggies like avocado, broccoli, butternut-squash, raspberries, waffles, pancakes, mashed potatoes (the American one which is very different from chokha from UP) and much more.

I managed to collect all 50 state coins.

I have visited 10+ states. In some it was only touch and go. But I noticed how different and unique each state is in its own way. In terms of vegetation, soil, culture, people demographic and more. The 10 I visited so far are - California (LA), Nevada (Las Vegas), Arizona (Grand Canyon), Minnesota, Wisconsin (W Dells), Illinois (Chicago), Florida (Orlando), Maryland (Baltimore), Washington DC, New York (NYC, NF)

Environment consciousness is enormous now compared to 2002. There are 2 areas that can be improved  - reduce Packaging and reduce use of electricity. With the immense focus and work on Design in all areas of life, I am sure they will figure it out soon.

Bottled water is widely used. Though there is customary info discouraging it, bottled water is the thing. Thankfully, for daily use we can refill water by gallons. Otherwise those tiny plastic bottles piling everywhere would be a nightmare. East coast cities is where I found less use of bottles, and more tap water available. That was a relief indeed.

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