Monday, May 25, 2009

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is about 4 hours drive from LA. And man ! what a drive it is ! The route is across semi-rocky, arid desert mountains. Not a green shrub in sight. And you can see the road ahead for 100s of miles. Awesome experience, this drive.

Las Vegas is simply a Disneyland, for grownups. Things to do in LV:

  • Walk on the Las Vegas Strip. By day and definitely at night. With a millions lights around, and a hundred different things happening, you won't find a single fuzed bulb.
    Planet Hollywood Paris

  • Excelsior for the good food courts.
  • New York, New York
  • Luxor - pyramid
    Ecelsior New York, New York

  • Venetian. This is the Italian themed one with ceiling painted like the sky, a water canal and gandolas riding in there. And awesome Italian food too.

  • Belagio, with the water works in front of it. All in sync with music. I think that's what was featured in Oceans Eleven end sequence.
    Belagio Las Vegas Strip

  • And finally the magnificant view from Effiel tower top

  • Gamble ? Casino ? Ah, what's that ? Oh it's just an afterthought, for some who want to stay up all night. With so many sights & shows around, I didn't get a chance to gamble.

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