Thursday, April 23, 2009

Universal Studios in Florida

Universal Studios was more of a theme park. No shooting-wooting here. But it is a fun place.

People dressed up as Universal characters. Movie memorabilia.

Streets designed in a certain style. Playareas with a million ideas to keep the kids involved.

Show before the Barney show Barney show

There are so many things it's all paisa-vasool. There is even a show put up, before the actual show, for the waiting crowd too !

Paisa-vasool ke saath, paisa kharch bhi hain. Coz there is an overload of merchendise that we can buy, food to eat & drinks in interesting sovenier bottles. But still its worth it.

But some had just way too long and slow-moving queues. And then some delay in starting. So I jumped out of the ET queues. But the rest are awesome. Terminator 2 : 3D - too good; just an extention of my favorite movie.

One thing I am fascinated by things in USA, apart from the infinite free space around, is the way everything is so well organised. Every single need or requirement is considered and taken care of. With the rule being - Safety First. Details of that later.

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Preeti Singh said...

Hey... your Universal Studios pics are boosting me to go there but it is bit far from Tokyo. Ya.... in Tokyo also people and there safety comes first and I think same with every developed country.

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