Friday, May 15, 2009

City of Angels

And to finish off March and welcome April, we did a trip to my bro at Los Angeles and visit the surrounding areas.

LA Downtown

I have been living in Minnesota for some months now. And I always wondered, where is that America which I have seen in Hollywood movies and TV serials ? Everthing is so neat & tidy, lawful, well-behaved and functional out here. So, what are the showing out there ? As soon as I landed in LA, everthing became clear. I saw littering, speeding, rash driving, homeless crowds, grafitti, police sirens and even helicopter police ! And I actually saw a cop handcuff someone by the road ! I swear I had never seen a cop outside his vehicle before !

So this is where Hollywood gets its inspiration, ah ! Well after all, Hollywood is located here. It's like how Hindi films and serials are all Mumbai-centric in themes & lifestyle. They just don't know how people of Raipur or Tumkur live their lives ?

And after visiting so many states I have to say. America is definitely United and one entity. But each state is different and unique in its own way. In terms of vegetation, soil, culture and more. Like for example, California locations and road names have South American influence, while Minnesota names are mainly derived from Native American words.

Now about LA, a lot of places of visit:

Hollywood Boulevard: which is strewn with star signs, Ripleys & Wax museums and loads of souvenier shops.

And also The Kodak Theatre, which hosts Oscar ceremony every year

Grauman's Chinese Theater. Outside it, the footwalk has cement imprints of famous personalities.

Hollywood Sign:

San Diego: Being short of time, we did with a hurried visit here. Port area is beautiful and night-time feels so peaceful here. I dont know the actual meaning of it, but I saw nearly 6-7 'Bail Bond' shop as soon as we entered the downtown. If I derive a meaning based on the word Bail, is the crime rate so much that there is so much business for these shops !!! I must be mistaken. The shops and restaurents were all posh. But every next street there were rows of homeless people sleeping in tents. Nevertheless, the downtown was very neat and well organised.

Finally a lovely sunset at a beach near San Diego.


Preeti said...

Nice pics (sply sunset one)....must have covered half of US til now :)...enjoy your every trip.

Reema said...

nice long will u be in USA?

Prithi Shetty said...

Hi Reema, Thanks. Not for very long now actually.

Hi Preeti, abhi East Coast baki hain mere dost ... :)

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