Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Independence Day !

Happy Independence Day !

I have a whole lot of good wishes for India. Among them:

  • More & better roads in each & every city & village.
  • Stricter RTO, so there are better drivers on road.
  • Honest Traffic police to stop horrible drivers & allow only non polluting vehicles.
  • All these leading to better safety for children, whether travelling to school in bus, auto or with parents.
  • Overnight, sonography practisioners should loose their knowledge to identify gender. That way more safety for children before they are born.
  • A Ministry of Education. Right now the HRD handles education as well. And obviously it is not on a priority for them. Separate ministry may be able to focus on what & how our children study. It can rethink of a lot of simple but important issues, like the heavy bags kids carry, drop-outs, course contents.
  • A strong voice for children in media and among economic decision makers. Because they do not have a say in these areas, children issues are often the most ignored ones.
  • Some new variant of agriculture economy so farmers wont face any loss. Maybe professional & lucrutive courses related to agriculture in economics, hoticulture & more. Maybe a whole new economic system which makes agriculture more profitable for the people who grow our grain.
  • More water harvesting and less electricity & fuel usage.

    New India may turn 61 today, but we have a lot to do for our children.

    My I-Day wishes from 2005 & 2006.

    Now to pep up the mood, I present my I-Day Playlist:

  • Vande Mataram - Maa Tujhe Salaam - A.R.Rahman
  • Mile Sur Mera tumhara
  • Vande Mataram - K3G
  • Yeh jo des hain tera - Swades
  • Chak De
  • Apni Azadi Ko Hum - Mohammad Rafi
  • Hum layen hai toofaan se Rafi in Jagriti
  • Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani
  • Sarfarosh
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