Friday, August 1, 2008

Secure Gift

Now-a-days all personal interaction, happens on mobile phones, webcam video-conf & voice chat, IM and ofcourse Emails. Postal service and courier is only for official documents & bills. Really, all romantic notions of letters have been thoroughly & definitely squashed.

But once in a while, courier brings along a surprise or much-awaited gift. A usually very quiet, sober collegue of mine & who did not entertain chit-chat, she visibly melted when I got a courier parcel. My husband had sent me his photos & 2 novels from Toronto. "Oh so romantic to get parcel gift :)".

Anyway those were the days. I always give my office address, as it's easier to collect courier. Mainly because it is not returned due to the no-response-on-door reason, like at home. Here an office department collects all couriers, email us to collect our consignment from the Dispatch department. (Or that it would be dumped in 3 days). Anyway so, we go there whenever free, collect the thing, be exicted and then life goes on.

Barbie against AishwaryaBut now with the terror shadow everywhere, there is added exictment. I got a call from Dispatch to come over. Once there, they sent me off to entrance gate to collect my parcel. This was new ! Once there, after all signing & stuff, I got the packet. Now it was the company security's turn to check it up. And the thing beeped a lot ! So he gingerly opened it. We peeped in. Baby clothes & 2 long boxes. Which beeped. The dolls beeped, and they being Dolls, were definitely suspectable. But can anything fit inside Barbie dolls ? I don't think so. Few seconds of quiet decision making & I was off with my baby's gift from Aunty M :)

I am not only happy for this added zing, but also thankful. The security people ,inspite of being in such stressful pressure, take their job so seriously. And hey, Thanks M !

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