Friday, August 22, 2008

Yuhooo ! And another Bronze !

Ya, I think after tasting Gold, we have become more greedy.
But Vijendar's Bronze is great too !

There is something to be said about this Gen.
Everyone kept cribbing about the "corrupt youth" and "wise elders".

I say, look at the youth today. Focused towards education, careers, family, even environment. And now sports. Sports as in not cricket, but shooting, wrestling, boxing, tennis, football, golf & more. Each one wants to achieve more and thus contributes more individually, as compared to a pack of 10 of the older gen.

I remember seeing angry young men in the 70's movies; they were angry coz there was shortage of 'government jobs' and so they were unemployed. So in the 80's & 90's, youth went about 'creating jobs', rather than waiting for vacancies. And now that focus has seeped into sports too. Efforts of these 3 guys & their families contributed to the success, more than any government effort.

Keep it coming, you champs ! 3 more days to go.

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