Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Happy Independence Day !

One of the things, from my last year's list have come true. And rest seem to be on the way.

For this year, I can only add more:
  • Better security intelligence framework to take pre-emptive actions,
  • No more floods or farmer suicide,
  • More road creation - all over India,
  • along with stricter RTO - for driving license and pollution certificates,
  • Continue the success rate and good quality in Indian cinema & music industry,
  • And more strength to RTI ! It's really bringing in positive results everywhere.

    ajay choudhary said...

    Well well, if only one could blink and all one wished for came true...
    1) "Better security inteliigence" - so easy to say but will it ever materialise? No wonder people have labelled us a "soft state" and a playground for the extremists
    2) "No more floods or farmer suicide" - this one had me laughing really. Let me also put a wish out there - "No more poverty or sadness". What have the wishes got to do with reality anyways!
    3) "More road creation" - check the status of any of the major highways connecting Bangalore
    4) "Stricter RTO" and no drunken driven - ha ha ha - am I asking for too much??
    5) "Success rate and {good quality}" - now i am laughing too much... need to STOP
    6) RTI - enough laughter for a day!!

    Prithi Shetty said...

    Good thing you had a really Happy Independence Day !

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