Friday, August 29, 2008

The One in Which

... Saif says in a TOI interview:
Would I watch "Thoda Pyaar..."? No I prefer American films. I don't see that many Hindi films.
This reminds me of the FRIENDS episode "The One With Joey's Interview", where Joey is tensed about his interview with Soap Opera Digest magazine and enlists his friend's help to control what he says. But ofcourse, as parting shot he does blurt out something true:
Interviewer: Other than Days of Our Lives, what is your favorite soap opera?
Joey: Oh, I don't watch soap operas. Excuse me, I have a life, you know?
Interviewer (stunned): Thank you. The readers at Soap Opera Digest will be happy to learn that.

And to think we unsuspecting public gratefully partake any bs the media (Films & TV) guys serve us. They don't put much thought or put responsibility in what they create. But we spend hours thinking, analysing & absorbing the thoughts & concepts they publicise. We grow on those lines, change our thinkings, even make them our culture. But the truth is, most of all Film & TV output is crap !

No wonder parents across cultures, have a tight hold on every single thing their children are exposed to. Or indulge in manipulative brainwashing their kids, so they growup well. Ofcourse children will feel 'icky' about it and pen out angst pieces in children/teen magazines or blogs. But ultimately it works out fine.

Frankly, it much better to let kids loose in playground, let them get into brawls with cousins & neighbour kids, let them participate in dogmatic orthodox religious family customs, be told all even juicy extended family history, rather then be babysat by TV. Living in the real world, whether good or bad, will only strengten their instincts and help them think & make decisions. As compared to watching TV or Films, where we simply offload conclusions derived by someone else, for their benefit.

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