Monday, February 13, 2006

Montreal Olympic Stadium & Biodome

Olympic Tower at 1976 Montreal Olympic Stadium.

Montreal BioDome is located next to the stadium. From the snow covered city, suddenly we were transported to Tropical forest. And then again to Antartic !

Zoos don't lose their appeal, do they ?
We were just as excited as kids in the group
to spot hidding tiny blue Frog and another orange one, identify the Anaconda among deadwood, discover that the source of loud cracking background noise is a large blue Parrot and sit quietly for a show of Penguins being force-fed !


White Forest said... pics.....

khelnayak said...

hi prithi, back after a long time. A belated Happy Bday. Nice snaps! Nice to know that you thoroughly enjoyed your trip.

And i hope now with the new govt., the bangy infrastructure improves for good.

Shankari said...

Hi! Coming back here after a long time. Good to see the pics.

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