Thursday, March 2, 2006

Niagara Falls

Here is the grand Niagara Falls ! From Canadian side.


It was huge and definitely beautiful. But it took us nearly an hour to settle down and have a good look. Man ! the mist doesn't let you stay still. Coupled with a cloudy sky, it completely drenched us. Raincoat ponchos from the sovenier shop, where we took refuge, came to our rescue.

Speaking of souvenir shops, I seriously looked out for WonderFalls :) After all those months of weekly sightings on TV, I finally saw the real thing. I mean, the Falls. Now I wonder, if I liked that show because of falls, or is it the other way round ...


Begining of the Fall


Rainbow bridge between Canada and USA


US Falls


US Falls and Niagara Falls


Maid of the Mist boats



Kumar Chetan said...

nothing special.
Ur name sounds like my pal Priti Sethi.
Prithi Shetty/Priti Sethi

RandomThoughts said...

U've clicked those snaps? Real cool ones Prithi!

R u back in Bangalore now?

By the way we share the same surname!

Love ,


Prithi Shetty said...

Hi Chetan, Amazing, so many variations of my name :) I had seen 'Preet Seth' somewhere.

Hi Rashmi Shetty, Thanks. How are you ? Yes I am back and cherishing my short vacation.

Kumar Chetan said...

Kool Preet Seth.
You are unique like every one else.

benning said...

Beautiful photos, ma'am! :D

Prithi Shetty said...

Thanks Benning :)

Pooja Joshi said...

Amazing images. Love those.

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