Thursday, February 9, 2006

Bata Shoe Museum

Bata Shoe Museum at 327, Bloor Street West, Toronto.

With Bata being such a part of growing up in India, I just had to visit this museum. Also to check out how different it would be from any of the Bata shops around here. Yes, it was different. The obvious one being, not more than one piece of a model. (Ok, bad joke).

It was amusing to browse thru such a variety of Shoes. There were silk, wood, leather and even ceramic shoes. It can be really amazing to see the evolution of something we take for granted. And funny too - to see various shape used by our ancestors. I mean, there were some from French court, which were platform with no heels at all. How torturous !

Then there were from different ages and cultures. And another section for celebrity shoes - Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Churchill, Tiger Woods and more. And an entire section for the European ones with bows !

My favorite section has to be the one by influential designers of 20th century. All the high-heeled ones with beads, sequins & flowers. Piece of art actually. Some of them modern art.

Quick tour of their collection here. Some of them captured for you, here ...


VirginUpdates said...

wow...nice round up.

AfricaBleu said...

I love this post - thanks, Prithi! When I was growing up in Kenya, all I wore were orange Bata flip-flops, red, white, and blue Bata sneakers...

and big, black Wellies.

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