Thursday, February 23, 2006

Montreal & Quebec


Tour guide told us an exotic story of how after this place was found, the discoverer wanted to name it "Mont-Royal" after a French prince. He shipped a letter saying so. But by the time ship reached France, that letter was subjected to generous dose of sea-water, thanks to storms. And Mont-Royal was mis-read as Montreal.

Pronunciation of both is very pleasent actually. The Royal goes a grandoise Royaaale..., while Montreal has the bicycle bell sound - tri i.e. Montreeyaale. Sounds great.

Saint Joseph Church, Mont-Royal. Highest point in Montreal.

Now that we are nearing end of Feb, am not sure how cold it is now, in Montreal and Quebec. But this is how they were, a month ago.

Frozen St Lawrence River in Quebec

Nearly 2 feet snow on rooftops

In Quebec, the bus stopped for dinner. I browsed the closed shops.
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Shankari said...

Hey, really cooooool pictures! :)

khelnayak said...

Aha...having a nice time! Did you check out on 1976 Montreal Olympic Games? There would be some museum or something there, right? If i recollect properly, that is where Jeev Milkha Singh finished 4th in the famous 400 mts final where all these top 4 finsihers broke the then world record. :)

Prithi Shetty said...

Oh I did see the stadium. Here it is. But only from outside. It was closed for Winter.

Gosh ! You know your sports well !

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