Thursday, October 23, 2008

Moon Connection

Chandrayaan - literally means Moon vehicle. This one will just hover around now and send us data. And for manned missions, we will have to wait till 2015. I am amazed they implemented it so soon. I remember hearing about this plan only recently. Oh wait it was 2003 !

On the face of it, what do we have in it ? Is it a Rs 400 crore waste ? Which could have been given to "feed the poor" so to say ? Simplistically, theorotically, yes. But in this practical world, obviously not. That's where vision vs mission comes in. That is where Aspirations come in. I mean, if every poor aspired only to feed his stomach, some of the poor kids would not have made it to IIT's and all. We all eat, but we need more to live a life.

I have my share of Moon connections.
  • Well the first (in case you missed out), my Blog name is Dew Moon Drop { Check my blog again when there is news on Dewdrops :)) }
  • Then, my native village is Udupi, which means the land of the "lord of the stars," who is the Moon !
  • And my Hubby's native village is Moonchapra !

    Indian Home Maker said...

    Interesting! Lots of Moon here :) Are you also July born or have a cancer moon or ascendant?

    Prithi Shetty said...

    Hey IHM ! :) Ah no. No other Moons that I can think of.

    Reema said...

    Hmm sadly I dont support the mission and I dont think we can compare aspiration of good education with going to moon.

    Prithi Shetty said...

    I know there is nothing on Moon for us. But with all that technology involved, something might definitely turn out beneficial for us. I don't mind the expenditure in Science & Space. It might open some minds. Maybe make us dreamy & romantic about Science again.

    Atleast it's better than wasting money on hero worship in Sports (Tax free Ferrari for Sachin) or Politicians (wasting money by adjournments in Parliament), apart from the wide-spread corruption.

    Every household aspires to do something more than they can afford, whether it's clothes or stuff for the children, or gadgets for the house, or education or anything. That's how we grow.

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