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2014-15 Book Recommendations + Happy Women's Day 2015

#HappyWomensDay #WorldBookDay

Here are some of the books I read recently in the past year or 2. They cover a wide range of topics, feelings and situations. Everyone will find some takeaway they can relate to. And I feel more so for ladies joining the new world of adults, of work, of relationships and acquaintances.

More content we create, easier it becomes to drown useless junk created in the past.
I am looking forward to more easy going, positive, uplifting literature produced by women covering all genre like young adults (YA), science-fiction, romance, mystery, political & sports writings. Dark literature (Manjula Padmanabhan) is not my thing, but I hope ladies enrich that field as well with our colors. My next wishlist includes books by Kalpish Ratna (scifi) - just need to get hold of one.

I follow a lot of female illustrators and am so happy to see their output in the world of animation (among other Arts). In films, Farah Khan is one of my recent role models and before her, have looked up to Sai Paranjpye. I wish more ladies would follow their work practices.

I am so looking forward to books and social media posts by Mary Kom, Saina Nehwal & Sania Mirza talking exclusively about their sports. That kind of detail will help other girls interested in these sports. Somebody go commission an interesting biography on PT Usha & Ashwini Nachappa. (Publishers, can you hear me ?)

I am keeping JK Rowling and Jane Austen completely away from this post. And only because they are my favorite authors and totally rule every second of my life.
So here goes my recommendations:

Lean in : Women, Work, and the Will to lead
by Sandberg, Sheryl (2013)
This should be a graduation gift to every girl who leaves college for the world of work. It talks of every paradigm that exists, that we might take years to figure out. Since it talks of the existing issues, it makes it easier for us to know the solutions, to never self-blame and not bang our head on an unyielding wall.

Bossypants - by Tina Fey (2011)
Writing Style on the whole. Very signature Tina Fey Witty style.
And I was impressed by the breakup of chapters relevant to a women's lifecycle.

Yes please by Amy Poehler (2013)
Chapter on Apology, voice in the head, her chapter on her sons.
She wrote a lot of words; a LOT.
To compare BossyPants & YesPlease, difference is in the quantity of words. BossyPants kept her chapters short and witty. YesPlease went around a lot, covering numerous people and eventually slammed her points.

The Hunger Games (Hunger Games bk. 1)
by Collins, Suzanne (2008)
Catching fire (Hunger Games bk. 2)
by Collins, Suzanne (2009)
Mockingjay (Hunger Games bk. 3)
by Collins, Suzanne (2010)
Oh I was totally crushing on Peeta/Josh throughout !
I saw the HG & CF movies first and that was enough to excite me to read the trilogy. The books were equally good. Katniss observations, viewpoints and actions are reassuring & inspiring.
I saw the movies 1 & 2 in order, so read the books in reverse i.e Mockingjay, Catching Fire then Hunger Games ! Wacky !

Management in the home; happier living through saving time and energy - by Gilbreth, Lillian Moller (1959)
Just because it seems old-fashioned, it is not anti-feminist. House chores and cooking are every adult and young house members responsibility. Almost all cultures expect women to own these areas. So as a leader, we can own it, plan it and delegate tasks to every member of the house. This book make a science out of hosework. It is very relevant to a number of new working women. Just the motion study science is fascinating to me. I came upon this after reading "Cheaper by The Dozen" & "Belle On Their Toes" (written by her daughter & son) - which was more entertaining version with snippets of their life.

Samanyaralli Asamanyaru by Sudha Murthy
This one is in Kannada and I don't know to read Kannada. But my parents read it and loved it. It conversationally talks about prominent personalities from North Karnataka.

Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight by  Rujuta Diwekar
More than anything, but for reminding us to pride our home cooking, regional cuisine & women's health.

Let's go ahead and blog, write books, create art and make movies - to make our viewpoints not an exception, but the rule of the world.

Happy Women's Day 2015 ! Let's Rock !

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