Monday, February 9, 2015

TC Fieldhouse Kids Fun Run - 2015

On 7 Feb Saturday morning we went to UofM Fieldhouse for TCKids Fun Run. This was a very formal experience to introduce Kids into the world of Racing. For that matter, it’s was a first exposure for me too as I was new to racing even though an adult. The Fieldhouse is a huge indoor stadium with looped tracks. Location and parking directions on the TC website were right on the mark.

We waited in the indoor stadium for the races to start at 9am. They were planned by each grade, one after the other, beginning with Pre-K for ½ mile or 4 loops. Directions for the kids & parents for waiting, guided stretching class and finally running were impeccable. There were 100s of us, yet the fieldhouse was spacious without cluttering us.

The mascots were a hit with kids in each race. It was a diverse crowd of different ages, nationality origin and different capabilities. Yet each kids knew they were doing something important and none threw a tantrum.

It was great to watch all parents cheers kids.

I would strongly recommend such experience to all young parents.

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