Monday, January 11, 2016

Commitment Day 5K - Race Recap

Race in winter of Minnesota is so thrilling. Not just for the humble-brag rights later on, but winter running as such is way different from that in other seasons. The crunchy snow and extremities-freezing temps (fingertips below 30F & toes below 20F) makes everything adventurous. So I picked the auspicious New Year morning race, as a highlight of running in Minnesota winter.

Last year it was 15 miles at Polar Dash. Overall a good race but they spoiled the experience by not listing my finish time, even when it was within time limit. Later there were rumbling about financial gapla. So this year, I looked for an alternative. And found one - 5K at Lifetime Commitment Day. I took months to accept it - it's not long-distance but it's a race.

On the New Year's morning, I got up early even after sleeping late. I was proud of myself, "I will be ready just in time for once in my life". I checked the website and noted, "Ah the start time is 10 am - wow ! I just earned an extra hour of sleep". So I put up a new alarm and went for that most desirable morning nap. Again I woke up by myself, I thought, "What a day, I am getting up before alarm, again." But it was too sunny to trust myself. Turns out the new alarm was for weekend, and this was not weekend and I had only 45 minutes to start of race !!! Boom I got ready in a rush. I was so panicky I forced my sleepy hubby to drop me at the start - I couldn't waste time looking for parking.

Fortunately everything went well after that. I was wondering about the warming place. I had forgotten that it's Lifetime - they had their own facility. Everyone gathered at their Gym. There was a round of Zumba for Pre-Race stretch.

Then, all runners gathered outside Lifetime on Plymouth Blvd for the national anthem & the race start. There were about 50 or so. I was guessing they must be the Run club folks. I felt good to see kids as well, so early on New Years morning.

The route was left from Lifetime on Plymouth Blvd, then a stretch on Fernbrook Lane along the Ice Rink and then via Rockford and back to Plymouth Blvd. Most of the sidewalks were cleared. And other parts of the run were on closed roads. Perfectly safe conditions.
Clock showed my finish time as 40:17 minutes. With a discipline-less training past few months, I will take this. This is my usual winter time. My outfit was perfect for this 20F temp. I skipped the neck-gaiter, which was an excess last Jan.

And the race swags was good too - T-shirt, bag, protein bars and a breakfast. I had expected a small, thread-bare event, but this exceeded my expectations. Overall a great start for the new year.

Wish you and your family a Happy & Prosperous New Year !

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