Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy Independence Day 2014

  1. Mars Mission should inpire us to create more. We should use this mission learnings and invent things to better our on-earth life – better toilet systems,  construction, better hinges , clothing, efficiencies from following a protocol. Like this list - NASA Technologies Benefit Our Lives
  2. Dedicated Parks & Recreation department - to improve existing parks and convert existing wastelands or undeveloped areas to more parks. So families can go for picnic. Kids can play every evening.
  3. Everyone can indulge in their health by runner, jogging, biking, soccer, in different park every evening and avoid boredom form killing their healthy pursuits.
    Playgrounds for kids to play football/soccer, badminton, track field running
    Parks with run trails for everyone to run/jog/walk/bike.
  4. Toilet facility - in all areas, remote & populated. More power to Sulabh International.
  5. Garbage Chute system to be incorporated across all new high-rises. This will reduce the inefficiencies & indignities of manual aspect of transporting garbage from flat home to outside. 
My I-Day wishes from 20082005 & 2006. I did not realise, I was this behind in blogging my IDay wishlist !

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