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Can't believe it’s been 20 years since Hum Aapke Hai Kaun. Does make me feel old & grownup :D I remember going to that theater in Udupi with Shoba akka, Sowmya & Deepthi.

20th year anniversary seemed like a good time to introduce this movie to the next Gen (my kids). This is the chain of events that happened next.

All cries for Disney stopped, once "Bechain hain teri  nazar..." started playing.

Cheers from me to Dad when "Vijaya Bank" featured in the title credits!
Vijaya Bank credits in Hum Aapke Hai Kaun

Kids - "What's her name again ?" 
"Like a Goddess !?!?!"

Kids were all attention - from the Skating sequence to all songs from “Wah wah Ramji” and later ones.

“Shakuntalaaa … who is Shakuntala?”

Kids were totally glued, for the tempo in "Joothe do paise lo" - 
"Are they stealing shoes ? Isnt it a bad thing.." 
I had to explain same thing which Madhuri explains to the young girl. 
Krishna featured during this sequence - so that was totally a hit with the kids.

When Renuka appears in her bridal dress, I am thinking "Wedding dress is so simple. Nothing blingy like the ones in today's movies. Nice ! And I thought those days were flashy". 
But kids are shocked, "Where is her head?" Coz it was totally covered. 
When they showed her face, relief "Oh there".

Dupata and swiveling around during "Mausam ka Jadu hai Mitwa" - both on TV and i nthe living room.

Didi tera devar dewana.. – 
“Is she a boy or girl” 
“Why is the melon on her head” 
“Is she a boy ?” “No that is Bindu” 
“Now he is a girl “ !

At the pool, Salman does push-ups to muster courage, Kids go, “I can do that” and go on to show me 1-hand push-ups.

My Dad pitches in, “Kitna songs hain isme !?!” (so many songs !). Ya like every 5 minutes.

Fruit cutting scene for late night dinner - 
"She cuts fruits, he eats". 
I said, "No everyone cuts fruits". 
"But he didn't". 
"They didn't show it that’s all. In our home, everyone cuts fruits."

Pehla Pehla payaar hain – “what are they doing ?” Skip, skip...

“How many songs are there in this film ! Did anyone count ? Must be 200 atleast”

“It’s a song movie…but the songs are good”

By the time of Diktana diktana, “The songs just keep coming. These people never get tired.”

Then for a Salman-Madhuri sequence, background guitar played, and distracted kids came running “I thought one more song is coming … I hope another song comes soon…”

Hubby came back, and kids to their Dad, “You sure missed many songs; like twelve songs  !”

For the passing pillow game, kids were in Cricket gloves and clapping all along ... “….sabkuch gawaya hain, thoda sa pyaar kar…” and Mugle-azam sequence.

Welcome rangoli made of flower – “Look, A cake, cake !”

Lo chali mein – “Tuffy is playing football”
Once she falls down, kids stopped playing. 
"Blood blood" "Who" "The other one". 
They watched the whole sequence. "She is going to die...no she can't die.... This is the saddest part of the movie. This must be the middle of the movie. The middle of the movies are the baddest …always...this is the saddest. I wish it didn't come at all."

After this, everything became quiet & everyone dispersed.

Can’t help it, but I think this every single time - "Sangeet ladies are wearing the exact same dress they did in the first wedding" :)  

Once up a time, nitpicking this movies costumes, was a mini-industry – the green & white dress, purple saree. And kids speaking in hyperbole is a gem.

It might be 20 years, but HAHK is still flawless. There must be some reason it still works its magic. Everytime it comes on cable TV, it just has to play till the end. 

HAHK songs just have to play on somewhere ....

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