Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Space visit - NASA

And finally on the last morning in Orlando, we visited the Kennedy Space Center.

Bus tour takes us to 3 different locations in the area. Informational video playing in the bus tells us of so many different types of jobs involved in "Space work". I mean, by NASA we think of only Astronauts and Scientists. But we don't quickly think of the variety of science fields involved here - chemicals, metals, physics, ... The video featured actual people working here. And each one of them was proud of their work - even if it meant fixing a screw. Because they knew how important it was.

Open space around the Kennedy Space Center

An actual engine which was used nearly 6 times.

Large wide tracks for the vehicle which carries the launch vehicle.

An old launch vehicle on display. The entire thing which took up almost a plane hanger.

Launch site

The room which re-enacts the Apollo-11 launch. The room has the exact same computers which were used then. Displays show us all the footage, of scientists, common people, at the exact time of launch. And finally even windows shatter with the launch. Good experience.

And we got to see a shuttle launch in the previous evening.

Though not from inside the center. This was from a sea shore. Didn't get a good shot, because I was busy being bedazzaled by the whole thing. And I was not the only one. Look at the crowded jam on I50.

And with this I wrap up my Orlando story.


Reema said...

its been great reading all the posts in Orlando series :) nice snaps.

Prithi Shetty said...

Thanks Reema :) Good to see you back !

Jani said...

I hope we would have something similar in sriharikota.

Prithi Shetty said...

Hi Jani, I hope so too. And I hope they share it with students and rest of the public too.

Preeti Singh said...

You have always been a great source of information for me....Visiting NASA must have been a great experience for both of u and of course for little one :)

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