Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Baby Product Brand Endorsements

  • Wipro Baby Diapers: I have to say that they are the best !
  • Second option would be Huggies. And last choice will be Pampers. Wipro Baby Diapers are really cloth feel. They don't get wet & humid & stuffy, like others do.
  • Huggies Nappy Pads: Good for nap-time use for babies below 7-8 months. Or those who have not started to violently wither or turn around or move around the bed while sleeping. :) Johnsons Nappy Pads are not of that good quality. Price is same, but these are smaller.
  • Nestum Rice: Since Baby A was not taking cow milk very well, we started with Nestum instead of Cerelac. It does not have any milk powder in it.
  • Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder
  • Eyetex Kajal

    Apart from these, no other brand endorsements. But there is a whole list of Baby products that are useful. Maybe next time.

    Ipshita Basu Guha said...

    Was surfing the net for information on Nappy Pads, Diapers etc. I am due in Nov mid. Would like to know that should I go for Wipro Baby Diapers? Are they same as Nappy Pads or different? I dont want our baby to be packed with diapers all day when he/ she is at home. Your advice? And have you heard of the Pigeon brand products? What is your comment on the same? Regards, Yps

    Prithi Shetty said...

    Hi Ypschita,

    For newborns and next few months, Huggies nappy pads are best. That too mostly to let the baby sleep continuously, without being disturbed by wetness. Diapers are for travel & doc visits.

    When not sleeping, cotton cloth nappy is good enough. But to protect your bed & furniture, get lots of thick baby-sized bedding. And place a plastic sheet below it. And since these beddings will anyway tear away in next few months, due to constant wash, no point in shopping for them in expensive stores. I mean yes we need some for good photo sessions :)
    But otherwise, it's time to collect all old dupattas and bedsheets & like and get them stitched to thick quilt like beds. And also buy 10s & 20s of half & full baby pants for home use.

    I switched to Wipro diapers after she outgrew huggies Nappy pads. Nappy pads are just the usual pads which can be stuck to clothes nappy. But once baby starts kicking legs or tossing-turning (i.e arounf 4-7 months), it's job is done.

    Since mother spends atleast the first 6 weeks constantly with the baby, leaving the baby free from diaper, will tune her to baby's susu times & warning signs. And that is a good time to start ITT.

    Hmm, dont know about Pigeon brand.

    I hope this was useful.

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